CPN provide a proven and experienced discretionary wealth management service for a variety of clients utilizing a wide range of asset classes. In some investment strategies, asset managers may seek to preserve and/or enhance the value of the companies they invest in, through exercising voting rights and engagement with the management of the issuers. CPN understand the part this can play in an investment strategy and therefore consider stewardship and engagement in equity investment strategy.


With Management of Investee Companies

As CPN do not currently participate in direct shareholding, we do not meet directly with the management of companies that may form part of the instruments that we do invest in.

CPN do meet regularly with the Fund Managers of the underlying instruments who in turn will engage with the management of the companies. Under their discretion, the Fund Manager may look to engage with the company if they believe there is a stewardship issue which can be related to but not limited to concerns about the company’s strategy, performance, governance, remuneration or approach to risks, including those that may arise from social and environmental matters.

Voting Rights

As CPN do not currently participate in direct shareholding we do not have any voting rights in our underlying holdings.